Thursday, July 03, 2008

Shock Horror !

Last weekend we (my recruit and I) took the call of the year (or at least the month).

Seems a nice lady had taken her kids to the playground of a school in the heart of Los Anchorage. On the school grounds they made a grisly discovery: a human tongue.

For the record, we don’t get a lot of calls about found body parts and when we do it’s usually a foot. Upon further investigation the “human foot” usually turns out to be a bear paw. Los Anchorage, being so close to Alaska, has quite a number of bears who live in the vicinity. You might have heard a tragic tale just recently about a bicyclist who was mauled while competing in a 24hr bike race.

This was the first found tongue call I have taken. You might say we were speechless. Then again, you might not like puns so perhaps you wouldn’t. We checked and determined that there were no outstanding lost tongue reports.

So we sent officers out to investigate.

It wasn’t a tongue. Any guesses?




Two words: Bean Burrito.

I love my job.

shock photo:
tongue photo:
burrito photo:

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