Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Her Goals, My Goals, Our Goals

At Kelli’s weigh-in today, she had lost exactly twenty pounds. 20 ! Woo-hoo indeed.

She should continue to spiral downward until she plateaus, hopefully close to her ideal weight but probably a bit higher – most Roux-En-Y gastric bypass patients report lose about 75% of the excess weight the first year and tend to stay at that level or bump up a bit from then on if they don’t concentrate on exercise afterward.

I'm on day three of the South Beach Diet, round two. The first time I was on the SBD I lost probably about 20 pounds then went completely crazy (probably unrelated). I was pretty weak today but I hear that’s normal. It might have been a good idea to have started this while I was off work after all (although work tended to distract me from being hungry at least while I was there).

The BMI charts show that I should weigh 115-155 ideally. 115 is absurd but I wonder how close I can get to 155. At this point I’d be thrilled with being under 200lbs for the first time since Junior High. We’ll see.

I’ve intentionally left off our starting weights but when my number gets a little lower I’ll be more proud of how far I’ve come and less ashamed about how wildly out of control it was to begin with (at least for me).

We’re both going for a walk with the dogs now, so that’s a start.

Staying strong.


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