Saturday, October 14, 2006

It takes more than a little ointment to clear up some things

Funny thing. I'm changing meds for my anxiety issues and I can definitely notice the difference during the adjustment period. For instance I am terribly terribly verbose when commenting on other folk's blogs or sending email.

Sorry folks!

I'm glad I'm on vacation and don’t have to write any important work emails until I get back.

It's not like I'm totally off the rails but the "Dispatcher Tourette's" is in full gear and I have not applied many filters to my spoken words. The trouble is that things which might seem terribly funny and witty at the time could be construed as offensive (well, okay, ARE sometimes offensive but I have only the best of intentions, your honor).

I had an anxiety experience (not really a panic attack because I knew what I was dealing with) at a packed movie theater today.

Tangent: See "Man of the Year" with Robin Williams, Christopher Walken, Lewis Black, Laura Linney, et al. It's great and actually two-two-two movies in one – a comedy and a thriller. And (without giving anything away) it doesn’t present a world which is wholly unbelievable.

I'm expecting my whole anxiety level to get back to normal in a couple of weeks but it's going to be interesting to say the least. I'm so blessed having Kelli here with me. During the days when things were out of control and I didn't know the real problem and I lived alone… well, those days seem darker now that I have Kelli's light in my life.

Thanks Kelli. My love for you is wider than any ocean and deeper than all the bullshit in the United States Congress.


JSherwood said...

I know the two of you have a lot of love... but thats a lot of bullshit........ :P

Anonymous said...

Trying to find the perfect mix is so much fun....the two weeks of solid sleeping, then the two weeks of insomnia and vivid dreams...
*sigh* yeah, I miss it