Thursday, March 22, 2007


While Kelli was visiting relatives in Alabama I did a lot of polymer clay stuff.

The most productive task was making a mold of a decent skull and then mass-producing lots of skull pins. I've made about 40 of them so far and some are much better than others. Along the way I've learned the power of mica powder and marbling. Next on my list is faux raku. We'll see.

I would need to make a light box to take decent pictures of the glazed ones.

ZZZZ from work suggested I make the skulls into cabinet knobs and other ornamental items besides pins. Thus came "Big Wild Death" or at least its first incarnation.

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Jas said...

I love the skulls, they aren't scary, but remind me of scooby-doo cartoon skulls for some reason.

I'm impressed at the coloration. Who knew!