Sunday, April 01, 2007

Varry Niiiiiice, I Exciiiite.

ZZ's birthday party was today and at the last minute I thought of a gift.

Inspired by the movie "Borat," which we frequently quote at work, I cobbled together a vial of Gyspy Tears.

It is an actual vessel, has a removable lid, and will hold tears or other non-alcoholic liquids. It's about an inch and a half per side so it's sort of big for a pendant but that's what I made it into nonetheless.

When / if I made another one I'll secure the jump-rings on the sides of the vessel a little more securely and I could have done better at removing the fingerprints (I'm still pretty bad about leaving prints on my pieces) but otherwise I think it came out okay.

The inspiration for the making the vessel triangular was one of Fairuza Balk's tattoos: a purple triangle on her left bicep. This is her way of honoring her gypsy heritage because the Nazis forced the gypsies to wear these triangles to label them.

The trouble is that Balk's tattoo is really blue, not purple like in my memory. And the Nazi triangle swatch I found online says the gypsies were forced to wear brown triangles. Oh yeah, and the triangles pointed down while my vessel's triangle points up.

Yet I like the up-pointing purple triangle anyway (and it was done before I thought to check… sad when I feel compelled to fact-check my polymer clay creations. Is that obsessive?).

Anyway, Happy Birthday ZZ !


Fairuza Balk picture:


John Cowart said...

I enjoy seeing your clay creations but I had not thought of you as a jewlery craftsman before. Good job.

herzeleidknits said...

Nice vial! (Never though I would say that sentence in my life.) Don't worry too much about the fingerprints - it's like a signature. (Maybe I think that way cause I look at those damn "signature" for a living OR because I know it's a pain to avoid them w/ da clay).

Castaway said...

the whole gypsy-triangle is fascinating... thanks for sharing!

smussyolay said...

have you considered wearing jeweler's gloves when you make them? (if you're worried about that sort of thing?)

i just saw this thing on the u.s. mint this weekend, and they were using these white gloves to avoid putting oil on some of the dies (die?).

Angela said...

What's a girl gotta do to get her hands on a vial like that? It's beautiful. Sigh.