Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kelli and Sugarbaby


Jas said...

Caption for the last picture :

"Must......hold......down...... rug....."


Hey, welcome to the land of actual adulthood. Man, never thought we would all make it. Congrats on the house, it is good to see you in a place of your own. Such a long way from Alpine, even though you really aren't that far from Alpine.

Oh, how we can wax nostalgic.

You'll never again have to go downstairs to complain about the neighbors loud music at 3 AM, and have them tell you to control your children because they are loud, only to tell them that you have no children.

Oh wait, that was me.


smussyolay said...

these pictures ROCK. kelli is so beautiful!

and that last picture of sugarbaby is the SMUSSIEST! i want to smuss her so bad!

mega smusses to the alaska fam!

John Cowart said...

Churchill said, "The chief end of all human endeavor is to be happy at home".

Looks as though you two are well on your way. Sugarbaby looks settled in too.

Kelli's weight loss looks terrific; good for her.