Saturday, September 12, 2009

Inflation - Ack

The current exchange rates between Pounds and Dollars reveals that if I took $2.93 US into the bank I could get £1.79.

Or if I took $11.99 into Sagaya City Market in Los Anchorage I could get £1.79 worth of tea. Granted it's English tea and it's in little round bags without strings and it reminds me of my brief stint as a foreign vacationer (thanks again T!)

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Jas said...

I know that I had profound sticker shock when I visited Alaska both times earlier this year.

Even still, my weekly grocery shopping here has cost 50% more than the year before.

I certainly didn't get an increase to my income to account for that increase in supplies.

It is funny to note (not the 'ha ha' kind of funny, either) that eating food that is unhealthier is cheaper, and eating healthy is more expensive. What is a hungry boy to do?