Thursday, October 01, 2009

I donated, will you?

Brother J is doing the Portland AIDS Walk and would appreciate your support:

To all my friends and family... please tolerate the following form letter, slightly personalized by yours truly...... and if you feel you know someone who might feel compelled to give to a worthy cause, send them to the link as well.

I am walking in memory of my close friends whom I have lost to HIV/AIDS, Faron Purget and Chris Jacobsen.

Please read on below for the full information.

Please join me as I take a stand for HIV/AIDS activism. On October 11th, more than 10,000 of us will come together in Pioneer Courthouse Square with the goal of raising $325,000 for services provided by Cascade AIDS Project to prevent new HIV infections, care for people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS, educate communities to eliminate stigma and shame and advocate for immediate action in combating the pandemic.

I’m writing to you today to ask for your support as I walk the 5k (3.1 mi) route and raise much needed funds for HIV and AIDS prevention, services and advocacy in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Your donation will help Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) continue their important work in our community:

Please help me reach my goal of $500 by making a donation today; any amount helps! Make checks payable to Cascade AIDS Project, or donate to me online at Your donation will make a difference in the lives of individuals and families affected by HIV and AIDS. Thank you for your support!

Thanks for reading guys!

Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Cascade AIDS Project


Jas said...

Thanks for the donation and the advertising on your blog!
The dog and I will be walking rain or shine (rain is most likely, it is Portland after all!).

Mom said...

Just a note: Jason, who has been in Portland for many years, still donates each year to Four A's (the Alaska HIV/AIDS assistance group). So let's return the favor.
I did.

Jas said...

Thanks for the boost, Mom.

You're and grandma and Eric's donations have all been recorded. I'm now up to $200 of my $500 goal. (And I have someone who promised $100.....)

Thanks again.