Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Home from the hospital

Actually we went home from the hospital Monday afternoon but this is my first chance to sit down at the computer and post more pictures.

As first time parents, this is all new and mysterious and sometimes worrisome.

For instance, she's been a little jaundiced but we've been told it's no big deal. It's more apparent to me when I start editing pictures. She's pinking up and either way she's so gorgeous it doesn't matter. And I know, everyone thinks their kid is the most beautiful baby in the world and they are right to think that way; it's some sort of instinctive bonding thing. But mine is the prettiest, really!

At first we were a bit concerned because she didn't cry. She cooed and made noise but no crying like the babies next door. Her routine hearing test proved she could hear just fine so that wasn't an issue but it still nagged at us.

Not to worry. She's doing her own nagging now and can throw a tantrum like the best of them. Thankfully they are infrequent and short.

I've read and heard from nearly every mom that the best practice is to read and talk to your baby right away, all the time. For me this means to narrate ever part of our time together (at least when I'm holding her and she's awake. I'm giving play by play on what's on TV while I rock her or I'm telling her every step of the diaper changing process as I do it, with little tangents and personal observations along the way.

It's like I'm her FTO but there are no daily evaluations. Although she can fall asleep to escape the blabbity blab while my recruits were discouraged from such things.

For the most part.


Jas said...

She can easily pretend to be asleep, but that doesn't mean you have to stop talking. People talked around her, and possibly even to her when she was in the womb, so this really isn't much different .

Best advice I heard, although not being a parent may not qualify me, was from one of my co-workers. She said not to make a big fuss about keeping the house quiet when the baby is sleeping. Go about your normal routing. Normal noises in the house are something a baby should get used to, so that they aren't light sleepers. Just a thought.

She is beautiful. The most in the world.

Glad you 3 are all home safe and sound.

Pics look great, keep em up!

smussyolay said...

i heard that, too, jas. you are going to rule (are ruling?), eric. talk talk talk to her. she'll be super awesome and verbal and stuff. YAY. i'm so happy for you.

smusses all around!

p.s. what does smussy sugar think?

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely perfect! So very adorable and cute, just makes you want to reach in and hold her! Congratulations to you and Kelli~
Luanna -n- Abe

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are doing just great Uncle Eric! The talking, the singing, its called stimulating. Touches, feels, noise, etc etc.

And yes about the light sleeping very right. The mexican mothers I saw growing up always always had the radio on light when they were sleeping. Its called White Noise. So that they wont wake at every little thing.

Im so excited tio! I cant wait to meet her! ... shoot she'd be my cousin huh? Cant we make an exception?! Let me be aunty?! pretty pretty please?!?! Ill spoil her just like a Tia!!!

- Kaori, P2, P3