Friday, November 18, 2011

Why I Know What I Know

I grew up listening to entertainment/informative talk radio.  Due to Herb Shaindlin, an Alaskan radio legend,  I sought out old time radio and audiobooks and all sorts of aural entertainment.  I'm addicted.

Exhibit A:

Podcasts to which I currently subscribe: (Highlighted are my favorites)

Answer B!tch
BTR: True Murder
Comedy Film Nerds
Common Sense with Dan Carlin
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
The Dork Forest
Doug Loves Movies
Freakonomics Radio
Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler
H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast
The Hollywood Saloon
Horror etc
How Did This Get Made
Judge John Hodgman
Monster Talk
The Moth
MSNBC Rachel Maddow Audio
The Nerdist
NPR: Car Talk
NPR: Planet Money
NPR: Fresh Air
NPR: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Real Time with Bill Maher audio
Sklarbro Country
Slate’s Culture Gabfest
Slate’s Political Gabfest
The Smartest Man in the World (Greg Proops)
The Sporkful
Stuff You Should Know
Stuff Mom Never Told You
Stuff You missed in History
Tech Stuff
This American Life
This Week with Larry Miller
TV Ate My Dinner
Who Charted?
WTF with Marc Maron
You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Add to these the audiobooks I listen to and you'll understand why I wear headphones about 20 hours a day (except on workdays when i wear a headset for 11 hours and then headphones at home for about 8 more).


smussyolay said...

i don't know why i have a hard time listening to people talk. i want to listen to WTF with marc maron. i want to listen to nerdist. i do. but i never do. i think it's why i don't listen to talk radio. i want someone else there to laugh with and discuss it with. i think that's it. i can't listen to that stuff by myself. i want someone else to bounce my thoughts off it with. lame, but true.

yay, more posts!

Eric said...

I understand that, which is why I can completely annoy my friends with "the other day I was listening to (whoever) and heard (whatever thought/fact/opinion)."

What i don't like in today's talk radio is that it's all bombast and yelling (see also a lot of "news" TV). Podcasts, or most of them, are a throwback to a time when folks just had fun talking about stuff.

WTF was my gateway drug to all the other comedians but the one which holds the place closest to my heart is "The Dork Forest." Jackie Kashian is funny on her own but she also lets her guests gush about their favorite dork hobby and gets enthusiastic about their enthusiasm. As she says "it's a safe space."

You could do a podcast. You talk to strangers. I'd love to hear you interview folks.