Thursday, July 06, 2006

Listenin' to the Muzak, thinking about this and that…

How do you like the new design? It's not all that different but I added "not in a creepy way" somewhere prominent. I'll probably tweak it a little. I wonder if I can copyright "not in a creepy way?" Trademark? Hmm. If'n I ever start a business, I'll call it "Not In A Creepy Way Productions."

Someink like that.

Elvis Costello and the Attractions are on heavy rotation tonight. "They're saying things that I can hardly believe. They really think we're getting out of control."

Costello's Spike is one of my favorite albums from any artist. Every song is intricately written, plus it was my introduction to the story of Derek Bentley.

If you've never heard of Derek Bentley or Chris Craig, you need to go HERE and read the story (teaser: He was executed in 1953 and then pardoned in 1998.) Then you'll have to get your hands on the song "Let Him Dangle."

But tonight I'm listening to the "Greatest Hits" singles: Pump It Up, Radio Radio, Watching the Detectives, Red Shoes… aaaah, fun.

What else is going on? One week without sugar. I wouldn’t recommend it unless it's necessary which in my case, unfortunately, it is for a while. Oh well, maybe I'll lose some weight. I can't imagine how I wouldn’t since my main food groups used to consist of chocolate and nougat with the occasional peanut or almond thrown in if I was feeling like health food. I never thought I'd miss nougat but I do. I'd write a little poem, an ode to nougat, but I'm not in that kind of mood. I do like typing nougat though. Nougat, nougat, nougat.

The asshats down the street are shooting off fireworks again. It scares the bejeesus out of Sugar. Really, there is bejeesus all over my computer room. She's currently hiding under my desk at my feet as Kelli sleeps in the next room.

All is well.