Friday, July 07, 2006

Tweak Here, Tweak There

J-Bro pointed out that my template changes made it impossible to leave comments. Well, we don't want that.

Thanks, J, for alerting me before I crashed into the reefs of "nobody is commenting" and landed on the shores of self-doubt and depression. Or someink.


Jas said...

Well, I can comment here, but not on your other posts :P

Go figure. :)

My point was, our neighbors have gotten worse and worse over the last 3 years with the fireworks....

This year they had those artillery shells.
At 1 AM.
Wednesday morning.
July 5th.
I had to work Wednesday morning.
They shot off fireworks until well after 1 AM.

Eric said...

I can comment using both IE and FireFox. Hmmmm...

And those neighors of yours: asshats!