Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Skinny G's cleaning house

Newly elected governor Sarah "Skinny White Chocolate Latte Gets It All Over Town" Palin (aka "Skinny G") has started the process of cleaning up government in the Great State of Alaska.

"How?" you might ask, "with a Dyson?"

No, no, you sexist pig. Our first woman governor is using a high-tech method which has nothing to do with suction: eBay.

Our previous governor (who we thought too little of to give a nickname – or at least a polite one) bought himself a Westwind II jet with taxpayer money. Okay, technically he bought the state a jet, but taxpayers were outraged. There were several reasons why the jet was a bad idea but by far the biggest was that the people made it clear that they opposed it. Being chief executive, the former (as in former by a humiliating defeat in the primary) governor ignored public opinion and arrogantly bought the jet. I think he also mentioned something about taxpayers eating cake.

One of Skinny G's campaign promises was that she would never set foot on the jet. Today she ordered the immediate listing of the jet on eBay (see KTUU story). The State bought it for $2.7 million but it's used now so I'm sure you could get a deal.

So let's give Skinny G some credit for fulfilling a promise. And let's hope this trend of listening to public opinion continues, as least with regard to expensive executive perks.


Mom said...

Kudos to Skinny G and lets hope she listens to public opinion on all fronts - not just regarding executive perks, huh?

Jas said...

Skinny G?

Ummmm.... ok.

Good for her, though.

PJ said...

Up, Up and Away, anyone?