Tuesday, August 07, 2007

House Hunting Blues


We are looking at buying a house. I had no idea how stressful a process this would be.

We have a great realtor (Carl Hines at Keller Williams, ask for him by name) but our ducks are not quite in a row. There are plenty of places priced just out of reach for us without putting us in serious financial peril. We don’t want that, for certain.

In our price range they move very very fast.

I understand (although don’t like) that when you buy a car you need to haggle the price downward since the asking price is higher than the price they will settle for. Easy enough. Are houses the same way? Evidently not in this market.

Of course we got all excited when we started seriously looking two weeks ago and that was a major mistake. We would search through dozens of properties online, go visit the neighborhood, then call the realtor to go look inside the properties which seemed like they would meet our needs. We ended up making offers on three places but all three got better offers the same or previous day and will end up being sold for more than they asked for them (which is discouraging).

I’m going to be working a bunch of overtime in preparation to the next go-round in a month or two. Maybe the market will have crashed by then (fingers crossed).


Oh this is actually funny when translated into "jive" by the Dialectizer.

Ventin'…. We is lookin' at stealin' some crib. ah' had no idea how stressful some process dis would be. We gots some great realto' (Carl Hines at Kella' Williams, ax' fo' him by dojigger) but our ducks is not quite in some row, so cut me some slack, Jack. Dere is plenty uh places priced plum out uh reach fo' us widout puttin' us in serious financial puh'il. We don’t wants' dat, fo' certain. 'S coo', bro. In our price range dey move real real fast. Man! I dig it (aldough don’t likes) dat when ya' steal some car ya' need t'haggle da damn price waaay downward since da damn ax'in' price be higha' dan de price dey gots'ta settle fo'. Easy enough. Lop some boogie. Are cribs de same way? Evidently not in dis market. Man! Of course we gots all 'sited when we started seriously lookin' two weeks ago and dat wuz some majo' missnatch. We would search drough dozens uh propuh'ties online, go visit da damn neighbo'hood, den call de realto' t'go look inside da damn propuh'ties which seemed likes dey would meet our needs. We ended down makin' offers on dree places but all dree gots betta' offers de same o' previous day and gots'ta end down bein' sold fo' mo'e dan dey ax'ed fo' dem (which be discouragin'). I’m goin' t'be wo'kin' some bunch uh overtime in preparashun t'de next go-round in some mond o' two. 'S coo', bro. Maybe da damn market gots'ta crashed by den (fin'ers crossed). blah


Bill German said...

dont buy until christmas 2008, prices are still falling hard, but in alaska, who knows

smussyolay said...

that IS funny.