Thursday, August 02, 2007

Open Your Mouth And Close Your Eyes

According to ABC NEWS, a certain terrorist group has announced on their websites that the USA can expect a “big surprise.”

In terms of evoking terror, “Big Surprise” is pretty lame. So a big FU right back atcha guys.

Strangely enough, I think our biggest threat from this group might be the “Binford 5000 Improvised Explosive Device” as seen on Tool Time.

You be the judge:

Richard Karn photo from : NNDB

~~ by the way, I like Richard Karn and am no way implying that he is associated with any illegal, immoral, or fattening organizations.


Devilish Girl said...

I have to agree that "Big Surprise" really doesn't evoke much fear from me either. And the comparison pics are too funny!

t said...

Hi, I'm connecting with fellow Taurus Rooster bloggers, because it's easy and fun. If blogger did birthdates I'd seek out May 1st Roosters only. Still, it's a cool exercise in learning about the diversity of truly great people, oh, and I hope you check out my blogs.

Jas said...

Hey, I want my red and white checkerboard picnic blanket back!

Angie said...

That is too funny. Maybe we should just unleash Tim the tool man Taylor on them. He could electrocute them all..or something. :)