Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Stained Glass so far

Here's what I've done in the order I finished them.

stained glass squares panelstained glass skull3D blue stained glass heartabstract stained glass

The soldering is sloppy but I'm getting better. I'm at the literal bleeding edge of my abilities just doing basic stuff right now.

Oh yeah and that is Sharpie for the teeth of the skull. I couldn't quite pull off using wire and after burning myself twice trying I figured I'd just paint the spaces in. I think I'll be able to wash off the marker and fix it with real paint or some other way eventually. Skull version 2 will be both better and a little "darker." But that's for later.

I think I'll do Sugar Baby next. I managed to draw a very do-able design.

I have this huge "the Who" project in the works too.

I've tried to draw* a Jimi Hendrix design but it's proving much more difficult to get the face just right. He's got these little expressions that are hard to capture in bits and pieces and still be identifiable.

*by draw I mean trace using PhotoShop. I can't draw for beans.


Jas said...

I dig the squares! Very cool.

Remember, it's hip to be square!

Mike said...

I like the skull!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome! I can't wait to see what's coming next. You are quite the artist~ llg

Lindsey C said...

you should do a giant E....I know so many E's lol. We actually call Elizabeth "E" sometimes LOL. E is a nice letter.