Tuesday, August 05, 2008

SugarBaby Stained Glass

stained glass schnauzerIt started with a picture of our dog as a puppy

sugarbaby as a puppy
Then, using Photoshop, I made a stained glass design (all rights reserved, thank you)
sugar pattern
then I numbered the pieces (total pieces 57)


And traced it onto mylar


Then cut the mylar into pattern pieces


then I glued the pattern pieces to the glass as a guide to cutting the pieces (this is the way my mother in law works, I know other folks trace directly onto the glass using a lightbox or whatever but I'm new so I'm just doing what I know will work)


then cut and grind, cut and grind. I'm getting better at cutting so I don't have to grind nearly as much. 2008_0805sugarglass0011
then foil all the pieces and assemble upside down

and then after soldering (inexpertly still, sigh) , washing, adding patina, then washing again

stained glass schnauzer
Next... The Who ?

we'll see


Mom said...

I love SugarBaby !! You are just so talented.

Let us know when you are open for orders from the rest of the family.

Congratulations. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Your mom beat me too it! Very talented Eric!
Pretty SugarBaby~, that is so neat....llg

Jas said...

Yeah, I'm all about commissioning you to do my dog!

Very very impressive.

smussyolay said...

sugar baby snoutero! yay! that's cool, eric. nice work. you're crafty!

Kath Lockett said...

That is wonderful, well done!