Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bedeviled by Bevels

Kelli likes crosses and she likes green (and her mom gave me lots of green glass) so I decided to surprise her with a stained glass cross. I picked a Celtic cross because it goes with the whole green theme plus I'm a fan of the Celts (the Irish ones not the Bostonians although, so long as Kobe Bryant is a Laker, them too I guess – but I digress).

It started with that bevel in the middle. See it? It's not elliptical, it's an oval. Although not idea I was working with what I had on hand.

What I didn’t expect was that I was going to screw it up so bad. Usually I solder the pieces upside down so that the front lines are cleaner. I didn't figure out that with the height of the bevel I couldn’t go that route until after I had tried to tack-solder the whole thing.

Crap. It was a mess. I had to rip it all apart and, much like a petulant child, I figured I was done with glass for today and maybe with this piece altogether since it would require unfoiling all the pieces then re-washing and drying and then refoiling to get it right. Blah!

After walking the dog, who reminded me I was ignoring her, I decided to put on my big girl's pants (or something much more masculine) and just start again.

Taking all the foil off is a big pain in the ass since you have to remove all of the old adhesive so that the new foil will stick properly. This is a time consuming, tedious deal. Did I mention that it's a pain in the ass?

After it was over I had a very dull Xacto blade which was replaced just the day before but the pieces were back to where I needed them.

The reason I like all these crafty hobbies is that they teach me patience and force me to slow down. This piece certainly has lived up to that expectation.

Incidentally this is a pretty big piece for a sun-catcher (9 1/2 inches) and with all the small interior pieces couldn’t possibly support its own weight so I got to solder support wire on the back of a piece for the first time.

Fun stuff.


Mom said...

One would think green is a given for a celtic cross.....really beautiful and I bet it does catch the sun.

Another good job! You can be really proud of yourself, not just for the outcome but for the patience it took to do it right. Shades of your father. Who says perfectionism doesn't run in the family.

Nice surprise for Kelli. You devil you!

Jas said...

Ok, now I'm really starting to get envious.

Beautiful work. :) I dig the brilliant green color.

Good job, you are truly an artist.

smussyolay said...

i'm really glad i know you. however i know you. you constantly show me new things ... including things i wish to aspire to. the patience, dedication and discipline this takes and which you describe i truly desire.

as we say around these parts, "i want what you have." oh you know, but not in a ....