Friday, August 29, 2008

Skinny G for VP… for real !

Thanks to Jen for asking about my view on the whole deal. Here it is:

Why, oh why, did John McCain pick Sarah Palin as his running mate?
It just makes no sense.

Sarah "Skinny White Chocolate Latte Gets It All Over Town" Palin (aka "Skinny G") a year ago was the queen of the world. She was elected because she was by far the most ethical candidate running for governor.

I even talked about her as a possible VP choice January 3rd of this year. Actually here's my whole Skinny G file (clickity doo) If it do say so myself some of the posts are pretty funny (even if you just look at the pictures).

Yet lately she’s been tarnished by two really stupid moves on her part:

1) She allegedly used her influence to get her ex-brother in law fired from his job as a state trooper. When that didn’t work she fired the commissioner of public safety, citing no real reason initially.

Her brother in law is likely a scumbag and there’s no secret Sarah and her husband Todd (who really needs to get a hobby and keep himself out of actual government business – he’s no Hilary Clinton that one) most definitely and admittedly did their best to get the guy fired. That shows great support of her sister but not all that good judgment as governor.

2) A few days before the election this week she “took off her governor hat” and endorsed voting against a proposition which was pro-clean water but anti-mining (or actually anti one proposed mine in particular). This might have actually violated the law. You can’t take off your “governor hat” and you can’t endorse any propositions as governor. The are laws about this sort of thing.

These are small beans compared to “Uncle Ted” Stevens who was just indicted on corruption charges involving receiving lavish gifts from oil service companies and not reporting them as contributions.

Then there is Representative Don Young who has spent nearly a million dollars on legal fees in anticipation of corruption charges of his own. He might not have even won his primary race this week (too close to call). Although I try not to speak ill of Don Young because he'll bite me like a mink.

I voted for Sarah Palin for governor. I tend to like her even though I’m not a Republican. But why would McCain pick a running mate with way less experience than Obama who has current troubles of her own? What is the McCain vetting process?

If Obama is not our next President then it’ll be final: Americans are idiots.

It’s your choice folks.


Jas said...

I have never in my life given to a campaign. I have never in my life sat and watched the national conventions. I have never in my life felt truly connected, involved, nor interested in any part of the political process. (Also, I feel nauseous and jittery and nervous as all get out.)

That has ended.

I have given money, I have watched the DNC, and will watch (whatever they manage to put together since Gustav) the RNC.

McCain isn't a bad guy, although I don't want him as President. Palin seems like a decent gov, but I don't think that I trust her judgment. The fact that she can't keep Todd busy with something of his own is not a good sign. I can distract my dog with a treat, how hard could it really be? How will it be if she's trying to preside over the senate? (As the ADN points out, the VP's only true job.)

I think that Alaska was blind to her faults because they wanted to be. I understand that, been there, done that.

I am distressed that McCain didn't look over her better, not to mention there are quite a few skilled and smart Repubs who could have likely been a better VP pick, but whom probably don't play in the press anywhere near as well.

McCain has now also lost his ability to tout that Obama isn't ready to lead as he doesn't have the experience, since McCain's own second in command has nearly no experience in National Government.

Ruling the Republic of Alaska is far far different than presiding over the USA. I lived in Alaska long enough to feel that 'secession' attitude.

Yes, I'd like to see the day where we have a female VP or female Pres. I don't think this is the way to go about it.

I will, instead, hope to witness the history of seeing our first African American President.

jen said...

I was confused by McCain's choice until I saw Skinny G speak last night. Even though I am a dem to the core, I was surprised to find myself charmed by her. Even though I could NEVER vote Republican (mostly because of social issues) I wonder if any dems who are less-than-impressed with Obama (as I am myself) were swayed by her funny, down-to-earth, charismatic speech last night. I'm a bit scared now that she could really tip this thing to the Republicans.