Friday, September 26, 2008

Braking News!!

Today’s safety tip brought to you by the return of The Summer of Love.

Yesterday there was a 4 car accident in our fair city caused by the second most dangerous type of driver*. This female driver was DWBB, Driving While Bell Bottomed.

The driver caused the accident when she tried to brake to avoid a vehicle which had slowed quickly in front of her. Unfortunately she got the leg of her flared jeans caught on the gas pedal as she was trying to move her foot from the gas to the brake. A chain reaction ensued, fortunately causing no injuries, just vehicle damage.

Beware of flares – they are unsafe at any speed.

*The number one most dangerous driver is one who text messages while they are driving. Talking on the phone is bad enough but text-messaging?? One might as well be playing with your PlayStationPortable and cooking in your Easy Bake Oven on the highway. Mo-rons.


Incidentally, being a typical Los Anchorage accident it involved:

a Toyota Highlander,

a Ford Explorer,

a Honda Civic, and

a Landrover.

In Alaska those whose vehicles are more “green” end up getting black and blue in traffic accidents.


Anonymous said...

Yikes, looks like they may need rubber bands for pant legs during driving...(just like they used to do for riding a bike so it doesn't caught in the bike chain? maybe...ha ha)....llg

Mom said...

Hilarious! But oh, man a four car pile up. Poor thing...what we women don't suffer for "fashion".