Thursday, November 08, 2012

Music is the Best

Before Journey was born I made some silly comment at work about how I wasn’t going to change the type of music I listened to in the car to accommodate the child.  After all, I fondly remember my parent’s music in the car and wouldn’t want to deprive my daughter of all that goodness.  A coworker who has been a mother for 20+ years openly laughed at my naïveté.  “You’ll play whatever music keeps your child the most occupied, but good luck with that plan of yours.”

 She, of course, was right.  Journey isn’t shy about telling us when she doesn’t like the TV program or music we are playing and often it’s not worth the fight, especially since she’s almost 3 (three going on “always right.”). 

Yet there are schemes and trickery that works to get the child’s education on (or attempt to brainwash them into your way of thinking.)

One is to take advantage of what she already likes.  

Jack’s Big Music Show and the interstitials between Nick Jr programs provide the best kids music out there.   The Roots “Lovely, Love My Family,” Andrew Bird’s “Dr Strings,” and any of Laurie Berkner’s or David Winestone’s songs are great. 

There are a handful of Sesame Street songs she likes:  The Count’s “Lambaabaa,” Grover’s “Monster in the Mirror,” and Elmo’s “Happy Tappin’,” and “Elmo’s Song,” are in heavy rotation.  Incidentally we don’t watch a lot of Sesame Street in favor of the Nick Jr lineup (Olivia is her favorite with Pocoyo a close second and Wow Wow Wubbzy,  Wonderpets, and Bubble Guppies rounding out the top five).

 Journey absolutely loves the music from the movie “ Rio ,” and there’s nothing wrong with a good samba mixed by Will.I.Am.  Plus it’s a good movie.

What you say?! She also loves Ray Charles’ “Hit the Road Jack,” and I’m working on the Blues Brothers soundtrack for a little soul.   
She’s just a little young yet for “ Alice ’s Restaurant,” but we’re moving in that direction.  

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