Saturday, June 17, 2006

Stranger Dangers

I was surfing around the news sites and I came upon a story involving
the dangers of pedicures.

According to the devil, er, I mean FOXNews,

“… recently in Fort Worth, Texas, … a wrongful death suit claimed a woman
died after contracting antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus following a
pedicure at a local nail salon.

This incident…parallels another, even more widespread calamity that occurred when 110 people who received pedicures at a Santa Cruz, Calif. nail salon contracted a potentially dangerous infection causing treatment-resistant skin abscesses and boils.”

Vanity, thy name is Flesh Eating Bacteria.

Oh and in the same article, here’s some good advice with regard to Botox and chemical peels:

“never have an antiaging treatment in someone's garage, basement, at
an ‘injectable party,’ or in a hotel room.”

Actually, if you attend an “Injectable Party” then you might just deserve what you get.

But that’s just me.


TEN33GIRL said...

I just drink. Cuz when your buzzed you, and everyone you see, looks better ;p

KaraMia said...

oh eewwww, I agree