Friday, May 25, 2007

The Deluxe Car Crib

Every parent knows that even the fussiest child will fall asleep quickly when riding in the car.

But have you had your sleeping child wake up when you remove them from the car seat to take them to their crib and then continue to be fussy?

Are you short on space in the house for a crib?

Why not just leave the child in the car in the garage where they can sleep peacefully while you climb into your own bed inside and enjoy the peace and quiet?


the Deluxe Car Crib

from your friends at the Panic Blog, inventors of the Coq Ring chicken snack.

The Deluxe Car Crib features a video and audio baby monitor so that mom and dad or mom and "uncle" can safely monitor the child.

It also has a CO detector and an ambient temperature gauge to monitor the safety and comfort of the garage while your little bundle of joy slumbers.

The seat has a patented moisture level and seat temperature alarm for detecting when a diaper change is necessary.

Plus this ingenious innovation in infant care has quick latch straps, easily washable fabric, stereo speakers, an iPod dock, and a cup holder.

Easily accommodates children from birth to 12 years old.

** New Model just introduced:

The Deluxe Car Crib "Tricked Out Edition" which includes a 9" LCD video screen, DVD player, digital satellite tv tuner, and TiVo (so the little tyke never misses an episode of Dora The Explorer).

Act now and receive two "grillz" pacifiers with every order!!

Order yours today!!

The Deluxe Car Crib is not suitable for parents without a heated garage or really for any responsible parent. The only advantage to leaving your children in the garage overnight is to save closet space and money on NyQuil. The Deluxe Car Crib is, in fact, simply a figment of my imagination. Any similarity to a real product, living or dead, is coincidental.


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