Friday, June 22, 2007

The Herb Shaindlin Plaque is Done

update October 4, 2008 - It is with great sadness I report that Herb Shaindlin has indeed passed away. His family has set up a MySpace site for people to share stories and wishes at


Jas said...

That is the most awesome thing I've ever seen!

Viva La Herb!

Puck said...

Eric brought this to me today. The pictures don't even do it justice. The eyes are so like my father and actually "in a creepy way". :0) He's going to LOVE it. I can't wait to take it to him. I wish you could go with me Eric.

Puck said...

I took it to him yesterday Eric. There aren't words to express how much he loved it. He just kept saying, "This is amazing"! "How did he do this" "Tell him how much I appreciate it" "This is amazing"
Believe me, I know the difference between when my Father is being polite (even though I've only seen that side a few times) :). He was being very genuine. He LOVED it Eric and said he was going to find a very special place for it. YOU ROCK!!!! Thanks so much. :)

Puck said...

LOL...I just reread what I typed. You would never know I was raised by a journalist...I know when you say "the difference between" there should be two things to be between. Sorry about that. Don't tell my Dad! HAHA