Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Loving Memory of Taste

I’m seeing this all over Los Anchorage and I don’t understand.

Someone please explain to me why one would choose to honor a loved one by putting a decal on the rear window of their car saying “In Loving Memory of (fill in the blank).”

Yes, I know everyone grieves in their own way. Yes, I know that a polite person would refrain from criticizing someone in their moment of loss.


If it were me I’d prefer not to be remembered on someone’s ratty old car. And remember, even the newest snazziest motor vehicle will eventually be someone’s ratty old car.

To each their own but wouldn’t a car decal be about as tasteful as a memorial snow globe?

Wait just a second… what with the polymer clay thing, I could probably whip up a memorial snow globe if anyone is interested. Instead of snow I could either put little angel wings or little flames, depending on the dear departed. Quantity discounts for multiple fatality incidents. Serious inquiries only.

Incidentally if you do want a decal, seems as good a place as any to get one.


Anonymous said...

Where do I place my snow globe order?

Also is there a bonus discount if the fatality occurs in a car with memorial decal on it?


Castaway said...

decals don't seem so tasteless when in my community it is all the "rage" to wear t-shirts with similiar condolensces... to each their own i suppose!