Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Ability Doesn’t Give You The Right

This would be as if I used the special Po-Po computers to look up friends, neighbors, etc. Or if someone cut me off in traffic and I use the DMV records to track them down. Bad, bad, bad. And improper. And possibly illegal. And I wouldn't do such a thing.

I will note that the ability vs. right comment refers to the adultery too, but this is mostly a stained underwear story.

Scientist Tests Husband's DNA, Fidelity

(found at Guardian UK via the Drudge Report)

Wednesday July 4, 2007 1:46 AM

Associated Press Writer

LANSING, Mich. (AP) - A state forensics scientist who said she tested DNA in her husband's underwear to find out whether he was cheating could be disciplined if investigators determine she violated the use of state equipment.

Ann Chamberlain-Gordon of Okemos testified in a March 7 divorce hearing that she ran the test in September on the underwear of Charles Gordon Jr. Asked by his attorney what she found, she answered: ``Another female. It wasn't me.''

She also said during a May 25 hearing in Ingham County Family Court that she

ran the test on her own time with chemicals that were set to be thrown away.
Michigan State Police, which oversees the Lansing forensics lab where Chamberlain-Gordon works, started to investigate her after her husband's attorney wrote to authorities and media outlets questioning how many times DNA tests have been improperly run.

Investigators expect to decide by next week what they found. Her duties have not been restricted during the investigation, state police spokeswoman Shanon Akans said Tuesday.

``We don't know exactly what was or wasn't done,'' Akans said.
State police policies on the care and use of property say ``department supplies, materials or equipment shall not be used for any non-duty or non-department purpose.''

A request for comment was left Tuesday with Chamberlain-Gordon.
Charles Gordon's attorney, Michael Maddaloni, said Tuesday that his client disputed his wife's testimony that he acknowledged a sexual encounter with another woman
after she found the female DNA on his underwear...


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photos: Stains
Toxic fumes


Bill German said...

you must be psychic? today at the gym, some old troll hung his undies that were covered with shit on the hook by the jacuzzi so that everyone could see them. I think he got off on it. It was the grossest thing I ever saw at the gym. He then got into the jacuzzi naked and I got out immediately. But I just thought it was so strange to see your photo on the same day that I had to witness such depravity of shit stained undies at the gym. But stuff like that would never occur in ak.

Eric said...

Bill - er... Yick.

Remember, I don't live in the real Alaska. I live in a McAlaska city I call Los Anchorage. The first day Home Depot opened a drunk guy wandered into plumbing and crapped into a display toilet. I'd like to think that sort of behavior is universal.

I'm glad you survived your gym experience. I suppose here you'd more likely worry about a bear walking up onto your deck and having your hot-tubbing companions crap INTO your tub. But that's another story.

Hey - anyone who reads this but has never been to bill's blog. Go. Now. You'll be glad you did. And for you ADD folks, it's mostly pictures.

smussyolay said...

it's also really weird, because just today i saw the exact same picture of those "underwear" in a magazine. they're for hiding your stuff when you travel, because no one's going to look in shit stained underwear.