Friday, July 06, 2007

Anarchy = Idiocy

Someone has been messing with the National Weather Service.
Read this Chicagoist article. 
Go ahead, I'll wait.
All done? Good.
Now explain to me the reason anyone would submit fake weather reports.
My second, most cynical, thought was that it had to be someone whose
budget would increase due to severe weather condition statistics.
This follows the same reason why some forest fires are started by fire fighters.
Create your own clients and it's like legally printing your own money, right?
My third thought was that it was part of the Meteorlogical Mafia,
the Low-Pressure La Cosa Nostra.
But my first thought was it was some older teen or young adult trying to
express their angst by raging against the machine.
I can understand this to some extent. If you are young and idealistic and have
more energy than
knowledge, it's nice to stick it to The Man.
But the National Weather Service?  Of all the services government provides,
weather information is one of the most useful and equally distributed.
Dear Mr Weather Spammer (because I’ll bet you a qwattah it’s not a female),
You are an idiot.  
What, the internet isn’t entertaining enough for you? Haven’t you heard of porn?
Online gaming? Even blogs, for goodness sake. Get a hobby.
I’d suggest polymer clay but I’m afraid the Xacto knives would be too dangerous
for you.
Perhaps Play-doh is more your speed.
Love the government, hate the government but participate in the government.  
America, you’re allowed to do so. Anarchy is for losers.

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Jas said...

Well, one thing the weather service could do would be to assign logins, and require a low level registration. This would make it more difficult, but not impossible.

People like to mess with things. It gives them a sense of power or something, often because they have little to no power over anything in their own empty lives.

We have had people around here who just started setting fire to peoples hedges / bushes around their houses, not caring at all that the hedges go up like kindling in the dry of summer, and then spread quickly to the house. Last week, one night, 7 fires in a 5 mile radius. All the same type.

I hope they find the weather frauds and throw the book at them.

It'll probably never happen.