Friday, July 20, 2007

Keys to Kinkiness

Last Sunday started out humorous enough. It was a relatively slow morning and we had a call which struck me as funny and illustrated the lighter side of dispatch.

We received a call from a couple who, in the midst of romance, had handcuffed themselves together without the benefit of knowing exactly where their keys were.

We sent an officer to unlock their cuffs. They had obviously weighed their options before calling us because they hack-sawed the connecting chain before we had arrived and were able to answer the door fully dressed.

Interior design tip from your buddy E:

In the nightstand, and ideally under a tasteful window treatment, you should keep (perhaps in the same drawer as your ball-gag) THE HANDCUFF KEYS!

The day went drastically downhill from there but that’s for another post.

Have an exotic day!

key: Peerless

ball gag : Scott Paul Designs

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