Saturday, July 07, 2007

Accentuate The Positive #3 Remember

Chicagoist journalist and blogger Smussyolay tagged me with a meme of 5 things I do to stay positive. While writing it I discovered I needed to write it in more than one post. Here's the third thing:

12 hrs a day (16hrs one day last week) I hear from / about people in crisis. Heck, I have coworkers and friends and family in crisis every so often too.

Yet I live in relative affluence, in a free country
(okay, it's getting a little dicey right now but we'll pull out of it).

I'm very happily married. I have a great job. I have a great family and wonderful friends (some might suggest better than I deserve).

Comparatively I have no problems. I'd be a whiny little shit to have all of what I have and still complain.

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