Monday, June 11, 2007

Round Two

Okay so here's a second crack at Puck's Dad's head. I think it's a better charicature than my first attempt: less "old man and the sea" sort of thing.

It's still more of a bobblehead quality but it's starting to look okay.

Oh and here is the photo I am working from:

There's still a lot of little things to clean up. Then I have to figure out the best presentation (and the second head is bigger so the whole deal will have to be bigger... hmmm).


Mom said...

The second I pulled up your post for yesterday I said, "it's Herb". I see him every once in a while and he's a bit longer in the tooth but the same guy. He'd likely be flattered. I think you've done him justice.

Puck said...

Oh my gosh! It look so much like him! Your Mom is right. He would be SO flattered and so glad that you were taking the time to do this. I can't wait to see the rest.