Thursday, January 17, 2008

All Tied Up

These situations are fictional. Any resemblance to past, present, or future situations are completely coincidental. That being said, what would you do?

Situation #1: Say you are walking your dog and notice a neighbor’s garage door is partially open. Nothing else appears amiss so you continue your walk. Several hours later you walk the dog again and the garage door has not been closed. Being curious you look, from the street, under the door and notice someone tied to a chair which has been knocked over. The person is squirming to untie him or herself.

Situation #2: As you drive out of your neighborhood you notice a car parked along the road. There’s nothing special about the car but the fact that it’s parked along the road instead of in a driveway makes it more noticeable. When you drive back home hours later the car is still there so you drive past more slowly and look inside. In the back seat you see a subject hog-tied and when they see that you have stopped, they look at you pleadingly.

I’m going to assume that you are going to call 911 in both situations. This is not a business-line police call and I’m assuming you agree that you shouldn’t just go home and blog about it without rendering some sort of aid.

Under those rules, I have a couple of questions and they apply to both situations:

Assuming the subject was restrained but not having any difficulty breathing would you attempt to untie the person?

Would it make a difference whether the person was a male or a female?

Would it make a difference whether the person was a young adult or an elderly person?

Would it make a difference whether the person was Caucasian or a minority? Would any particular minority change your mind?

I have definite thoughts but I’m curious what YOU think.

photo: Severance - British Horror Movie


John Cowart said...

The first thing I'd do is check to see if the aggressor who tied the victim up is still on the scene. This could be the lure for a trap.

Then I'd cut the ties while preserving the knots as possible evidence.

I'd question the victim as to whether or not this was some kinky sex thing (in our neighborhood, that might be a good first question).

I'd stay with him or her until cops or paramedics arrive on the scene. But all the while, I'd be watchful about whether or not the person who tied up the victim might return.

I doubt if race, age or sex of the victim would enter my thinking in such a situation... At least, that's how I imagine I'd act.

What a curious question; is there some specific reason this occurred to you?

smussyolay said...

yeah, i'm a little confused here. i'd be on the horn to 911 pronto. i'd be a little wary of the whole sitch ... my blood is crawling right now thinking of both situations.

i think i'd be talking to the person and asking them if they were okay ... and telling them i was getting help. but i wouldn't let them out of my sight. i'd call and then watch.

i don't know if i'd try to untie. maybe, if i thought i could do it quickly.