Friday, January 11, 2008 + TLG*GREATFN = I'm still angry

What really pisses me off about being suckered by TLG*GREATFN, Trilegiant,, or whatever they call themselves is that we walked into a transaction with clean hands and were burned.

It would be different if I was buying, for instance, used panties online. After all, if one traffics in used panties one can expect some shitty service.* Similarly you cannot expect great customer service and integrity from your drug dealer or favorite prostitute.

But my lovely bride was buying SHOES! Not even some kind of crazy expensive Sex in the City shoes, just plain ol’ Skechers knock-around shoes.

So it’s especially off-pissing** that it would be a shoe distributor who would try to screw the citizenry by sneaking in a shady deal by TLG*GREATFN, Trilegiant,, or whatever they call themselves.

Can you tell that this irritates me to no end?


*I’m not even apologizing for this pun.

** “off pissing” is probably not grammatically correct but it should be


Jas said...

If you haven't already, you should at least contact the better business bureau and report that their processes were deceptive and their practices not consumer friendly.

I had a problem with a rental search agency online. The TOS (terms of service) agreement was 4 pages long.

There is no way I could have read 4 pages and comprehended the lawyer speak contained within. After paying my fee, and using the site, I didn't hear a peep. One year later, I got charged again. When I contacted them, they told me that I had to cancel if I didn't want to get charged again.

Sons of snitches.

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same thing happen to me with a different company, pyramid collection. However, there was no box to check or uncheck for a free trial of anything, as I always say no to those. I was getting charged on my card $9.99/month for several months until I realized it. Shopping Essentials refused to refund my money, except for the last month, kept trying to tell me about how great their services were, etc. I finally called my credit card company and they were able to get ALL of my money refunded.