Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This Week's Tenant: Gidget Bones Diary

Gidget Bones Diary

Go check her blog out!

I don't just say that because my last tenant Unsettled was not very happy with the number of clicks she received when renting my blog last week (my fault, I should have pimped her out much more or charged her less).

I say check out Gidget Bones Diary because it's got a great layout, fun content, and is written in a sassy way. It's a great opportunity to read a fantastic blog.

Tell her I sent you. And click on Unsettled too, she deserves it!

(Oh and I gave Unsettled half of her outrageous rent back since she was a dissatisfied customer).


Gidget Bones said...

Thanks for choosing me! I look forward to my time here!

Kathleen said...

That was super nice of you. Thanks!

Eric said...

You are quite welcome.

I'm not necessarily a "nice guy," rather I try to be a fair guy.

Plus you put a lot of effort into your blog, it should get read more.

More credits = more folks visiting = you'll continue to put forth that effort.

And that's a good thing, or so it seems to me :-)

Ed Bacchus said...

Yes, that was big of you and I wouldn't have done it. You gave me something to think about in the future. I pimp my renters every week, but it's up to them to create a blog people will read. Also, you have the right to choose your tenants, so I suggest looking them up first and get to know them before deciding on a lease.

Anonymous said...

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