Saturday, March 25, 2006

To the anonymous folks out there who hate me for laughing at death

I feel for anyone who as lost anyone due to any cause. Parents losing their children is one of the worst things I can imagine.

That being said:
If a 17 year old highly accomplished young woman gets hit by a train, that’s tragic.
If the 17 year old is hearing impaired, that’s tragic and even more sad.
If the 17 year old is Miss Deaf Texas, that’s newsworthy, tragic, and sad.

But if the 17 year old is
a) hearing impaired and knows it (being Miss Deaf Texas would be a clue) and
b) is text messaging anyone (let alone her parents) while walking near a train track
then the 17 year old Miss Deaf Texas was doing something very stupid.

Did she deserve to die? No. Did her parents deserve to lose her? Of course not.
Did she contribute to her own death? Yes indeedy.

Does she deserve a certain amount of mockery?
In my world, if you don’t laugh then you are always going to be crying about one thing or another.

The comedy-tragedy rule is this:
If I get a paper cut, that’s a tragedy.
If you, Mr or Mrs Anonymous, fall down a manhole and die, that’s comedy.

And give me a break! I barely mentioned that the story had humorous elements.

Did I suggest that her entry in the Mrs Deaf Texas talent portion of the competition was clearly not “train dodging?”


That would clearly be wrong.


Anonymous said...

If it was the train headed straight to Hell, it'll be turning around for R bad!

Jas said...

Sheesh, some people have no sense of humor.

I like how they hide behind anonymity.

This should be a life lesson to us all: Pay attention to your surroundings, and never take things for granted. Text messaging down the freeway at 90 mph is bound to cause an issue sooner or later.

Sometimes you're the roadkill, and sometimes you're the car wreck who hit the moose.....

No_Newz said...

I guess me and you are on the highway to hell together. Hahhaha!
You laugh at dead baby jokes too don't cha?
Have a groovy weekend!
Lois Lane

C A D said...


I laugh at death every day.

I'm not going to hell tho. It don't exist.


robin said...

You make some good points :D

dad said...

Hey Eric,

I second your apropos prior blog comment description of 'anonymous' as a fuckwad (wanna bet he/she/it shortly after reading this have to look up what the heck apropos means ?).

Come on 'fuckwad' - get a life, get a sense of humor. At least I ain't ashamed to leave my name. We bad - you bet.

Kinky Poe said...

Jeez, you were way nicer than me or BEG. I guess we R bad too. Damn, just when I thoughtI was in the running for one of those cardinal gigs the pope is handing out.

I agree there are plenty of tragic deaths without irony & for no reason. However, some things you do have to laugh at. If I took everything I see on the news to heart Id prolly go crazy & end up armed to the teeth screaming from a bell tower somewhere.

This isn't like she lost her life over in Iraq. Please. Can you honestly read that headline & not giggle? She was text messaging! It's so a 21st century teen kind of death.

Besides, I firmly believe there is a "Cloud 13" made specifically for these kind of deaths - It falls in with the people who die sticking a knife in the toaster, are the reason my hair dryer specifies it can not be used outside in the rain and why hemorrhoid cream has to explain that it is for external use only.

Sometimes dumb things really do kill people. In my opinion, not often enough. This is the evolutionary weeding process in action people! Im not ashamed to say 'Thank god that one won't be breeding'.

See...Eric is way nicer than me anyday. Hehe.

Still Searching... said...

You are completely correct, sometimes, you have to laugh. If you don't then it would all get to be too much...the crying would never end. Tis the world we live in.

tricia helfer said...

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Tara's World said...

What I dont understand , why do these people keep reading you who do not agree or like what you said? Gah, its one of my pet peeves , if you dont like something then move on.

Plunky said...

Um, R we 5, Anon?

Stacie said...

I sooo know what you mean, if you cant laugh at some things, then the horribleness of life will drive you stark raving mad. Those that cant do so, have led a very sheltered life, and thusly probably deserve laughing at also!

tanith belbin said...

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smussyolay said...

am i way unPC dickhead for thinking it's funny that there's a miss deaf texas pageant?

Black Eyed Gurl said...

People need to lighten the fuck up! Honestly! In that news section I also made fun of AIDs, a Guy who got his family lost in the SUV for 2 weeks, poor Africans, porn, gnomes, babies playing with bleach, whitetrash (not Miss TX), some guy who fled police over a speeding ticket who proceeded to die because of it and Sassy Pants Paul Rudd!
Sorry anonymous, but if you don't like it, then don't read it.
It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, then it's just fun!
The only way that the 17 yr. old deaf miss TX story could have been funnier is if she were also a midget. Oh yeah, I went there.
So be nice to Eric cos KP and I are 10 tims worse on our good days!
Remember there is still one pageant she could win: The Darwin Awards!

Kinky Poe said...

Oooh, midgets - I hadn't even thought of that...

How about the Miss Deaf, Mute, Blind & Height Challenged Texas?

Alternately, we could just shorten that to the Hellen Keller Pagent.

BEG - Do we have bad days when it comes to anihilating dumb people with our sarcasm, wit & intelligence?

Tricia said...

Her story is definitely one for the Darwin awards. Sounds like some of your visitors haven't heard of those. people die in strange and odd ways every day, and sometimes it's there fault. lighten up. :)

mmat said...

too right. i'm going to try to make sure i die in a funny way. like if i get electricuted on the toilet or something - i expect people to laugh. or at least try not to laugh, but be laughing inside.

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Steve said...

I hate to sound so callous, but isn't that called "natural selection"? I mean all the other elements aside, she's deaf, & that somehow (to me) would necessitate the need to stay away from large diesel fueled objects moving at high rates of speed with no way of avoiding you.

Anonymous said...

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