Monday, April 03, 2006

All the cool kids are doing it

I don't have any piercings. I'm not opposed to them but there's one type which I just don't understand:

I guess I understand the need to be weird. And I guess I could understand how it could add complexity to a certain type of lovemaking (although it seems an unnecessary addition, but that' s just me).

But I hate watching someone play with their new tongue piercing or clicking it against their teeth. It's not a "fingernails on the chalkboard" reaction like my wife would have to someone hitting their teeth with a fork. I've been known to tap my front teeth repeatedly with a fork to irritate people. Not to irritate my wife though, I'm not stupid.

Plus I'm scared of the pain of getting my tongue pierced. And infection. And loss of proper enunciation.

And I'm something of a spaz (my lovely wife thinks so, at least) so I can see this happening:

And that's just plain embarrassing at the ER.

Oh and check out Tricia's blog. I don't now if she has any piercings but you could ask!


Tracy said...

Actually, I have my tongue pierced, along with my nose and several ear piercings. The pain of piercing my tongue was nothing compared to the other piercings. As for the sex aspect... there are koosh tongue rings out there that are amazing! *grin*

It's one of those to each his own type of thing. My husband has never complained!!

Anonymous said...

The Tongue rings make BJs da bomb.

Anon. Dude

Steve said...

Actually, I have an ex girlfriend that runs a piercing shop, and she says while tongue piercings are alot of fun and useful, they also wear down the enamel on your teeth to a level where decay is almost imminent.

Jaws said...

My husband has been peirced in places that would make you cringe.. Yes I mean there. Although I have managed to get him to get rid of them all but his ears.

I have a freind how had her tongue pierced and chipped her tooth.

KaraMia said...

ah, it's like a train wreck ( tongue piercings, that is)...your increadibly disgusted by the mess it has made of a once normal healthy person, but yet, strangly fascinated at the same time.

Almost Porcelain said...

I have my tongue pierced and it has been there now for about 4 years or so, it doesn't hurt at all - Well I didn't think it did and I have a very low pain threshold. Every once in a while I may swallow the screw ball, but I've never actually swallowed the bar.

I also have my lip pierced, naval and my ears. I would like another lip piercing and perhaps a nipple... One day...

Still Searching... said...

I had my navel pierced and three in each ear, but the tongue is one I just don't get. As you say, unnecessary. It just makes me CRAZY when people clack them against their teeth or, almost, worse, holding the stud between their teeth. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

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