Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Polymer Clay Creations

Okay, so it's not metallurgy but it's cheaper and I can get my creative juices flowing without the possibility of fourth degree burns.

It's a little therapeutic; I can get into a zone and listen to a book or whatever and get lost in the detail work. It's all pretty amateurish so far but every one gets better. Here are the things I've made so far in the order in which they were made.

Anyone have any hints or tips ?


The First Gargoyle
The Black Panther Gargoyle
Sugar Baby (not yet fired, still in progress but looking okay)


Jas said...

Sugar Baby.

That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen you create.

*tears up*

Amateur? Naww, looks awesome, good work.

Thousands of times better than anything I could do.

Jaws said...

Their awesome.

John Cowart said...

This is your brain...
This is your brain on Playdough!

AM said...

Omigod, those are GREAT! I love the black panther gargoyle - I nearly spit out my drink laughing!

Some Girl said...

nice work!
Here from Wicked Thoughts. Nice place you got...

Anonymous said...

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Still Searching... said...

They're all great! (my fave tho is sugar baby) :-)

MOM said...

They aren't Marzipan Babies...but really good, E!! The black panther is hysterical and Sugar Baby is absolutely endearing.

You make a momma proud!!

chaps said...

Who know you were artistic too. They are all great. Looks like Sugar baby--however since on two feet -I had a flash reminiscent of Brian from "Family Guy".
How fun.!

Anonymous said...

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