Monday, April 24, 2006

Bad Manners

Today on the way home from work I stopped by the local "quickie-mart" for some ice. Alas, we have no icemaker at home.

Following me into the store was a short, thin, saccharine blonde carrying on a short, thin saccharine conversation on her cellphone.

She wandered through the store, talking all the while, until she found the single item for which she was searching: a pack of gum.

I had stopped to use the ATM so she was ahead of me in check-out line. She never spoke a word to the clerk but continued her conversation throughout the entire transaction. She then asked another employee where the bathroom was (I guess she was going to use the gum as a suppository?) but was still on the same call when she walked back to the restrooms.

I was going to break my rule of "never talk to anyone, anyone, anyone" and mention how rude it was that the woman never got off the DogGamn phone long enough to acknowledge the clerk while carrying on the briefest human interaction. The reason I did not break my rule is that the clerk was talking on HIS cellphone the entire time during the transaction with me. And in a foreign language.

Jesus wept.

Photo: PhoneContent

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Shane said...

Just stopping by to vote. Voted for this one several your blog!

Battlerocker said...

Great illustration--I am starting to loath cell phones.

Charred said...

Have I mentioned lately that I don't like people?


Well, I don't.

There. Now I have.

Kyra said...

Ugh that's awful! I don't even own a cellphone (no service here anyway), but a friend of mine called me and chatted with me for a while when I realized she was shopping at Target of all things.

When did it happen that we couldn't entertain ourselves even while we're out shopping for something?

gidgetbones said...

That's awful, are you going to take all my new credits?

gidgetbones said...

I told ya... you took them all. good win!

Deb said...

I hate when I see someone blabbing into their phone while at the register... but I gotta say, I didn't see the unexpected twist at the end coming. Wow, double rudeness at the quickie mart.

Black Eyed Gurl said...

I used to work at a gas station, back when thsi whole Cell-phone-is-life trend started, and at one point we started hanging up signs all over the store with saying like "Miss manners says it's rude to talk on your cell in public." I believe at one point we also implemented a 'get off the phone or get no service' policy (or that could have just been me). Of all the horrible things that happened at that gas station, I have to say the influx of the cell phone was quite possibly the worst.

Anonymous said...

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Still Searching... said...

I am one that goes nowhere w/o my cell phone, however, I NEVER talk on it whilst interacting with others. I wait until I'm in the car (parked) b/f I call people back. I carry it mainly for emergencies in any case, and don't see the need to talk on it when I know I'll be home in just a short time.

PJ said...

It would have been better if the be-atch would have used the cell phone for a suppository and cemented it in place with the Juicy Fruit> I assume it was Juicy Fruit. Had to be.

Kentucky Girl said...

Whew. It wasn't me! I hate using the telephone and you can be rest assured that I would stand in line at a store while talking on the phone. Gah.

Jaws said...

I hate I hate hate cel phones.

Espcial when they drive on the phone. I can understand if some one is driving down a big interstate not alot of turning and switching.. but when your in town and kids are crossing the street and people are at a busy intersection and switching lays get off the phone!

Anonymous said...

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