Saturday, April 22, 2006

Non-PC Polymer Clay

Okay, here are the latest polymer clay creations.
I'm still getting my chops down, so it's hit and miss.

Two small mirrors, the first very basic:

The second using two kinds of mosaic effects:

And, just to be non-PC with my pc, here is "Gumby the Cutter"



PJ said...

The Gumby figure proves you are one sick puppy...but I love it, so I guess I am too. More...More

chaps said...

When your therapist recommended clay therapy for relaxation---I don't think he expected you to do Gumby that way!

Eric said...

No therapist involved. Well maybe Dr. Smussyolay.

Jas said...



all those art classes really......



Is this what you did for your birthday?


Still Searching... said...

Poor Gumby!

Mr. Fabulous said...

LOVE Gumby the cutter!

Now all we need is Pokey the bulimic...

smussyolay said...


okay. first i'm like... oh, a mirror. and then i'm like...oh, mosaic, i like that one a lot bett...aaah! skull!!!!!!!!

then, i'm like....good rendition of, what the fuck? gumby the cutter? are you kidding me? you are DE-mented. for reals. like love ya, but you are crazy!

i don't know her too well, seeing as we've never spoken, but i'd love to see kelli's face... she's doing something (i'm not sure what her hobbies are), and you walk in from (where do you heat these things? the oven?) the kitchen, the garage, and hold up this cutting gumby.

1. do you tell her beforehand your idea? if no, then 2. you walk in and say, hey, look what i made! she a. shakes her head, b. laughs her ass off, c. looks at you like, oh, eric or d. all of the above. really. this would make great reality tv.

and when was your birthday, g?

Eric said...

Thanks guys.

No, actually I spent my birthday (Friday the 21st) loafing about.

The clay thing is kind of fun. Adding my own "twist" is what turns it from a 4th grade level (or less) silly art project into something uniquely mine.

No, I don't normally tell Kelli what's on my mind when I start. And yes, definitely D) all of the above.

I'll post a link to "AutoErotic Asphyxiation Gumby" soon. That one got a "you CANNOT post that on your blog, MY MOM might see it!!!"

I'll tell Momma Boyd to look away, hee hee.

Eric said...

Oh and baked in the oven, but I often show her before I cure them. The colors are brighter and if she makes a good suggestion (as often she does) I can do a quick Xacto renovation.

Kelli's a quilter but our side of the rental duplex is not really set up for quilting inspiration. Not a lot of room and bad bad bad light.

Bill German said...

I once knew a guy that would cut himself. He was a cutter

Shane said...

This has nothing to do with your post. Just wanted to tell you that I have an acute anxiety disorder WITH agoraphobia. I know how difficult it can be.

Eric said...

Hang in, Shane. It's a screwed up thing but day by day we can get through it. Thanks for dropping by!!

And Bill, thanks for your visitations. I haven't thanked you enough. Plus you have a kick ass blog!

Deb said...

"Gumby the Cutter" OMG, I love it.

Anonymous said...

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