Friday, May 16, 2008

Addressing An Important Problem

Caller: I need help

Police: What’s your address?

Caller: 1234 Main St

Police: Is that a house or an apartment?

Caller: an apartment

Police: (incredulous after all these years) is there an apartment number?

Caller: number 8

This exchange happens at least dozen times a day, every day and it drives me crazy.

The hint is when I ask you if you are in a house or an apartment.
You’re supposed to say, “oh yes. I’m sorry. I should have mentioned I am in apartment 8.”

Your apartment number is


part of your address.

Tack this up next to your phone if you need the reminder.

Oh and these are just regular ol' business line calls, not 911.


Jas said...

I feel for your frustration, but don't forget, people who are calling 911 may not have clarity of mind to have critical thinking active, and may be in shock. This would prevent the logic process from working quickly. :)

Eric said...

Right you are, mon frere, yet I'm only talking about business line callers. It happened easily 5 times to me today. 1 person on the phones for 7 hours. 5 times. Imagine if I was a call-taker, who by definition takes calls for 11 hours a day.

911 I forgive but business lines... Jesus wept.

Johnny Wadd said...

I once worked in a billing department of a call center and it is surprising how many people don't even know their own address or phone number. I honestly don't know how they get by in life.

Dawtch said...

Can I just say AMEN..?! And I'm not even a Christian - but I do work in a call center, and I'm sorry, I hate to generalize in most situations, but people are just f**king MORONS when it comes to their addresses or phone numbers...

Anonymous said...

I know you've been on the other end and heard these, but I just gotta type 'em.

Me: "Fire and paramedics, what is the location of the emergency?"
Caller: "Eagle River"
Caller: "I'm not sure if it's the Glenn Highway or the Seward Highway, but you gotta come fast"
Me: "Fire and paramedics, what is the location of the emergency?"
Caller:"88th and Dewberry"
Me: "Right in the intersection?"
Caller: "NO, (like I'm the idiot) in my house!!"

and my personal favorite
Me: "Fire and paramedics, what is the location of the emergency?"

Caller: "My ankle"