Friday, May 23, 2008

You Stoner Idiot

Alaska is a very liberal state with regard to marijuana possession and usage in your own home. I’m cool with that although I’m a food junkie so adding marijuana to the mix would simply exacerbate my issues. Oh yeah and my job prohibits it. So problem solved.

So if you indulge in a little ganja now and then – hey, smoke it if you got it. Yet if you drive down the highway with a bong on your lap taking hits as you drive, you are a complete moron. And when several citizens call to report your stupid ass, simply putting the bong under a coat in your passenger seat just before the office behind you turns her lights on to pull you over is a weak plan at best.

Personally I don’t believe we need to waste (if you pardon the pun) any jail space on your flea-ridden ass but I firmly believe you need a little walking / bus riding time under your belt.

Oh and your nasty patchouli is a) not making your drug use invisible and b) more annoying than the smell of stale marijuana smoke.


Jas said...

Someone who doesn't have the mental capacity to differentiate safe versus unsafe behaviour isn't going to be able to know where / when it might be appropriate for them to indulge in their habits.....

People usually fall into two categories, those who respect (and fear somewhat) the laws, punishments and consequences associated with them, and those who don't, preferring to believe in some delusion that they will never get caught.

This, I believe, is the same delusion that leads them to believe that patchouli smells good and masks the scent of pot smoke.

At this point, if I smell patchouli on you, I assume you are a pot-head.

There is no good purpose for patchouli, it reeks badly. Try some Febreeze, that stuff can mask a multitude of sins.

smussyolay said...

i never used patchouli, yet i don't have the hatred for it like most people do. let's see .... i used to be a raging pot head, though.

i have to say, that's a hilarious story. i really really thought that no one could smell my pot. that smoking my one hitter while walking down the street was a much better cover than smoking "discreetly" in an alley. i was "hiding in the open" so to speak.

since i can now smell someone sparking up within 1/2 a mile of me, i cringe at the thought of how many people have smelled my smoking over the years. it's god's wonder i never got caught. lord a-mighty.

everything happens/and doesn't happen for a reason. i just don't claim to know what they all are.

Erik said...

I was with you 'til the whole patchouli thing. Don't blame the ambrosia of the hippie chicks for the actions of someone disrespectful of others safety.

Patchouli doesn't make you a pothead any more than an expensive suit makes you a cokehead.