Monday, January 29, 2007

just bragging


Charred said...

Congrats, Eric!

smussyolay said...

wow, that is really fucking cool, eric. way to go. you definitely have earned it. you've taken extra classes and really worked to learn more about a different segment of the population (even though for the life of me, i can't remember what CIT stands for ... crisis intervention training?). you really care, and it shows. but you'd NEVER care in a creepy way!

AAAAH! i can't stand that you even have me THINKING that phrase! (but you know it's popping up EVERYwhere since you.)

John Cowart said...

Great Award!
You deserve it.

jen said...

muchos kudos brother!!

Chris Achilles said...

Congratulations, Eric!

Eric said...

Thanks folks,

CIT is Crisis Intervention Team so you were *almost* there... but not in a creepy way!

Jas said...

Way coolio. :)

luanna said...

You so deserve it Eric!Congratulations! Thanks for the extra time and effort, you make work a lot easier with the information you share.

TheVoice said...

Way to go dude!
What do they say?
"Takes one to know..." you get the idea..


- TV

Lyndsay said...

Hey Congratulations!
Thats from my Mom (PBX operator Jennifer) oh and me too I suppose :)
You are without a doubt the most badass babysitter I ever had! Thanks for instilling in me a strange fondness for skeletons.

Lenora told Mom about your blog, I don't like, scour the web for my old babysitters or anything.

Totally using 'Skinny G' now by BTW

Anonymous said...

Congratulations: to the second, from the first-I would post a picture of my plaque...but I dont exactly have a picture of it! LOL
You deserve it buddy. Just bragging myself. CIT rules.