Friday, January 20, 2006

New Tenant: Haunted House Dressing

First, I love the title of his blog. Second, he's a total weirdo, which I also like.

From his intro:

Hello, welcome to Haunted House Dressing. This is a place where toasters run free and hippos climb trees. Read what you want. Ignore what you don't. Laugh, cry, and tickle some nuns while you're at it. They won't mind.,,

Check out his blog if only to read the rest of the intro, it's great!. And make sure to scroll down for the photo comics.

Do it now!!


Jeremy said...

Thanks for being my e-landlord for the e-week...I mean week. And thanks for the plug. It's plugtastic with a side of monkeys. Hazaa! :)

Anonymous said...

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