Friday, January 13, 2006

The Plural of Apocalypse, my new renter !!

BlogExplosion has this thing called "Rent My Blog" where one can promote another's blog on their own. It's fun.

With that, I introduce Black Eyed Gurl and her blog: The Plural of Apocalypse.

See that picture of her blog on the right? See it directly above "Recent Burials?" Now click it and you'll go directly there.

She has visited here and commented so she's not a complete stranger but you probably haven’t visited her site yet. It's okay to admit it. No one is required to click on any links in my catacombs.

But now is the time!

Her posts are funny and informative.

She's a latent print examiner so pepper her with CSI questions!

She's from Wisconsin so ask her about cheese or The Pack.

Go lurking just to see where all the cool kids hang out.

Just go!


Black Eyed Gurl said...

Thanks for pimpin' me Eric! I appreciate this chance to meet your readers!!

BTW New Persons: I might not have it up anymore, but please feel free to 'Ask a CSI' and I'll do my damndest to answer your question. Lets limit the DNA questions though cos we already kinda covered that.

Thanks again Eric!

Hannibal said...

E-Man, not sure I get this. Are you being paid to promote this person. I mean you have links already. She sounds interested, did check the site-you have lots in common, she sounds interesting, kinda sensed a dislike for dogs(maybe it was misinterpreted-with the leash post). I almost responded cuz we had lots in common too--but that dog issue, made me hesitant. Just dont get the whole renting thing.

Eric said...

To explain BE and renting blogs:

No money changes hands. BlogExplosion is all about surfing other folks blogs for credit. This encourages you to keep looking at all the different blogs. It's a great way to see some cool things you want to steal... er emulate, or things you want to avoid. It also gives you the opportunity to comment on other folk's blogs, most of which will then look at yours.

But the credits can be traded for displaying your banner on the top of the window when other people do their random surfing. They can also be used to wager in Battle of the Blogs, head to head competitions usually based on snap judgements of style and pretty pictures (I'm pretty successful but it's certainly not a fair competition - pretty pictures will generally beat good writing, which sends the wrong message).

Blah blah blah. You can offer a tiny spot on your blog for someone to rent. An ad, if you will. It costs a certain amount of credits (as much as you are willing to charge folks, I guess but I'm a small fish so I can't imagine charging someone big bucks to rent here).

Anyway.. fun fun fun. And BEG was a great first pick because I like her blog and I like her friends' blogs. She's good people (well as far as anyone can tell).

And she'll answer your CSI questions. Really, try to stump her. I'll be watching!

Black Eyed Gurl said...

I like dogs, I just don't like dogs without leashes cos I don't want to be responsible for a pet's death. I grew up with dogs and my parents have 3, so I can safely say I like dogs (I will admit though that I am a cat person).

Jeff said...

Oh hell! The Packers?? I'm there dude!

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