Sunday, November 05, 2006

Crass but I can't help myself...

The Los Anchorage Daily Newsolator published a Q&A of the three gubernatorial candidates today.

My personal favorite, Sarah Palin, gave at least one… um... interesting answer.

First, the question itself is absolutely asinine. Yet the response made me laugh twice. Yes twice.

The Question:

Q. How do you take your coffee, and where do you get it?

oooo. her staff needed to advise her to be careful about this one. If she mentions anything which can only be ordered at an espresso stand, she's alienating the entire Bush community (by the way, Bush refers to "the middle of freakin' nowhere," not to any American political dynasty).

Alas, she answered with a fancy schmancy drink. But what's funny to me is that she simultaneously answered the unasked questions "what is your Hip-Hop name?" and "just how sassy are you?"

A. Skinny white chocolate mocha — all over town.

Oh yeah, Sarah's definitely Skinny White Chocolate Mocha and I have no doubt that if she wanted to she's fully capable of "gettin' it all over town."

Move over Fergie - with her Bono wrap-around shades, our future governor is completely Sarahlicious.


PJ said...

My God, Eric, what's happened to the self sufficient pioneer spirit of Alaska? Too many people from Seattle moving up there?

Eric said...

Even when you get out of town you'll find espresso stand everywhere. You could literally stop for gas, bait, and a 6-shot breve. I'm not sure it's good or bad.

And yeah, Seattle could be our state capitol.

Anonymous said...

Better watch what you say...Lil Miss Skinny White Chocolate Mocha All over Town is now aka "The Man"!