Monday, November 20, 2006

Needed: a heaping helping of "shut the hell up"

I am so glad to live in America and have the right to speak freely and say, pretty much, whatever I want. That being said, here are two folks who need to just stop talking:

Exhibit A: O.J. Simpson. Thank you Rupert Murdoch for cancelling "If I Did It" which would have been the absolute worst program broadcast on television – ever. It would have been the epitome of bottom-fishing for ratings. If they did it… it would have been unforgivable. Yet since they cancelled it: good for them. It's nice to have something positive to say about FOX.


Exhibit B: Michael Richards.

After being heckled at a comedy club performance, TV's loveable oddball 'Kramer' hurled a bunch of "n"-bombs at the hecklers. Watch the video: WATCH THE TMZ VIDEO HERE he's not being edgy and using dangerous language as a social commentary (both of which I would approve of) he's calling individual members of the audience racial epithets. Sorry, dude. That was not cool. And it's not funny.

Richards: "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass!"

Um, Mr Richards, that fork you feel now? That's because you're done.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree but would not have stooped to his level to tell "kramer" how I felt. OJ Who?

mary said...

Did you hear OJ and compmay cancelled the show..excellent choice!