Monday, November 20, 2006

The Next UK Supahstah! The Fat Cowboy

The Fat Cowboy

You'll be aghast but you'll watch the video to the end, I guaran-darn-tee it!

call it comic relief.


Bill German said...

i ran into the redhat ladies again, what a hoot

Jas said...

Pure nightmare fuel.

I'm dubbing this as "The Redneck Riverdance".

Eric said...

The Redneck Riverdance. That's clever!

If you feel as if we are being mocked, it's because we are. You know our native americans would be all up in our grillz if WE dressed some extremely white guy up in a Indian costume and had him do bad 70's karate.

Jas said...

Then how come people aren't outraged by Steven Seagal? White guy dressing up all native like and prentending to be a one man ass kicking machine.
Puhleeeeeze. So lame he started an even lamer garage band where he touts himself as a "Blues Legend".

Where is your outrage now?