Friday, November 10, 2006

That's Governor Skinny White Chocolate Mocha to you!

While I had hoped Fran Ulmer would have been elected Alaska's first woman governor four years ago (she should have used my bumper sticker idea:
On election day, tell Murkowski:
I'm pleased that the governor-elect is Sarah Palin.

It's no secret that I'm a liberal and that she is conservative but I voted for her anyway. Why? Because she is young, fresh, and (at least so far) doesn't have ulterior motives like our current governor.

Her challengers were qualified and we'll be hearing from both in the future. Sarah's a rising star. It will be interesting to see how well she can shake things up in Juneau and if she'll be able to work WITH the state legislature instead of handing down edicts.

Congratulations to the future Governor of the Great State of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Oh, it's long past time to lose the sunglasses. Really. I'm serious. Ditch 'em. Better to look squinty in photographs than to look like you are one of the Communion aliens all ready to anally probe some farmer. But it's really up to you…


TOM said...

She gets my vote as best lookin' governor

Anonymous said...

I'm still hanging on to my AK residency and now I'm happy about that. Because it's gonna be kick ass to see what's around the corner with this change, and I can feel like I had a part in it.
But I second you on the glasses, bug eyes, ugh!

PJ said...

Man, she's a star!!! In my state we re-elected the same old bald fat toothless redneck. How can you take a man named Sonny seriously.