Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Crosses of St George are flying all around us...

England Wins!! England Wins!!

No, I'm not talking about World Cup soccer, I'm talking about the most pathetic figure in US history I can think of quickly: PFC Lynndie England, infamous in pictures from Abu Ghraib prison.

Think about it: She pleads
guilty. Her only defense is during sentencing and the defense voted most likely by her lawyers to win sympathy from the jurors is the "she's really pretty retarded, so go easy folks."

Granted, she has that Special Olympian look about her. Actually, I'm ashamed I'm lumping all Special Olympians into the "looks like Lynndie England" category. Olympians, I'm sorry. But PFC England looks like she arrived in Abu Ghraib on the short bus, doesn't she?

Yet in a strange twist of justice, the judge decides that she's too retarded to have actually known she was doing something wrong and, since the main charges against her involved conspiracy and there cannot be a conspiracy of one, he threw out all the charges. He actually said "This is over," and called a mistrial.

Well slap my ass and call me Mohammed.

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