Tuesday, May 24, 2005

This Surreal Life: my mind's a mess, but i'm not alone*

Read this: This Surreal Life: my mind's a mess, but i'm not alone*

My brother Jason tells a similar story. Evey bit is true except for the time of the sunset.

As he walked onto the parking lot at the end of a long Friday at the office, he was hailed by a frantic woman he works with but doesn't know all that well.

She is hysterical because the key fob remote door opener for her car is broken and she cannot get into her car. She's nearly in tears. The whole carefully planned evening ahead will be shot to hell by not having a car. Who can come out and fix it after 5 pm on a Friday? Will she have to go all weekend without a car? How can she do that? She doesn't have the time or money to deal with this. Oh God, why her, why HER?

My brother cocks his head and raises an eyebrow like a dog whose owner is talking babytalk. He then tells her, in a very calm voice, to give her the keyring and he'll fix the problem.

He takes her ring of keys, looks thoughtfully at the remote openner, then grasps the actual metal KEY and opens her door. He motioned her into the driver's seat and tells her that the key would probably work for the ignition too but he couldn't be sure.

He then walked silently across the parking lot, got into his car, and drove into the sunset.


Anonymous said...

I think all this technology makes us stupid. We rely on things without realizing or learning how to do things for ourselves anymore.

The example of the bimbo with the car keys, unable to enter her car was one example.

(You did a good job retelling the story, by the way....)

Other parts of life are moving away from reality as well.

Hope your TV remote never breaks, manufacturers are no longer putting buttons on the TV consoles any longer, why bother?


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