Sunday, September 18, 2005

My Favorite Homer Sign

We saw this sign and I had to ask my aunt, “What the heck is a china poot?”

At first I thought it was a synonym of the slang term ‘vart’ or ‘queeb’

vart (värt) or queeb (kweeb)
1. (n.) A discharge of gas from the female private area.

Auntie Lee said, “No, that is sick and wrong. But I wondered about the name too. There’s a China Poot Bay and a China Poot Lake. It took me almost two years of asking but it turns out there was a man named Henry Poot who was born in Seldovia, Alaska, married a Native woman, and was a hunter, trapper, and fisherman in the Homer area. His nickname was “China” due to his genial relationship with the local Chinese immigrants who worked the fisheries and helped build the railroad in the area.”

I said, “Um, if you last name was ‘Poot’ wouldn’t you want them to let you keep ‘Henry’ and maybe have them call you ‘China Henry,’ ‘Chinese Henry,’ ‘Henry China,’ or the less politically correct ‘Chinky H?’

Lee: “You’d think, but that’s Homer for you.”

Me: “Still, if I had a china poot, I’d got see my OB-GYN, PDQ.”


the bloke said...

I was about to report this to the Angry Man, but then I read through your post to the end and it turned out to be a riot! Thanks for making me laugh!

BH said...

I'm not even sure what to say about this...but I'm laughing so GOOD JOB.



Lindsey said...

That is hillarious

J-bro said...

Nearly injured myself when we had the explanation given to us by our Aunt. And the fact that their house is only just a street or so away from "China Poot" make it all the funnier.

To quote a very funny MadTV skit...

"It was the leather couch! I do not poot in public!!!"

Croaker said...

I just be happpy to have a road named after me.

Rhoda IV said...

Too funny.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you could write about the couple of signs on McLay Street (or road or whatever) You know. The initials are T M and they didn't stand for transcendental meditation.


momof2 said...

That is so funny!